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Natural Fluency Screening

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 09:14AM MST
If the Expected Fluency test is passed at a student’s grade level fluency and comprehension goal, the Natural Fluency test will be assigned. This will happen for both the Full Diagnostic and the Progress Monitoring test sets. The purpose of this assessment is to estimate a student’s effective reading rate while reading without prompting. The effective reading rate is the maximum rate that a student can read a passage and still comprehend what is being read.

Universal Screener will give a quick tutorial before the test. After a student clicks on the Next button, the text of the story will then appear. If the text is longer than what can be displayed, a student will click on the Next button to see the next page of text. Once the whole text of the story has been seen, a student clicks on the Next button to be asked questions about the story. Universal Screener calculates a student's natural reading rate by dividing the amount of time the student spent reading the story by the number of words in the passage.

Time spent reading the story is considered from when the first page of text appears until a student clicks on the Next button to start the question portion of the test.

The exact number of comprehension questions asked depends on a student’s actual grade level. The following table shows the number of questions asked for the different grade level ranges.
                                              Student Grade Level                    # Of Questions Asked
                                                        Grade 2                                                5
                                                        Grade 3 to 6                                       10
                                                        Grade 7+                                            12
The goal effective reading rate depends on a student's actual grade level and the current benchmark period. The following table (see attachment if the table does not display) shows the goal reading rates for each benchmark period. Benchmark 3 is the end of year goal.

If the Natural Fluency score is greater than the Expected fluency score then the highest score will be reported.

Estimated Effective Reading Rate

If a student met the goal rate with a score of at least 80% on the comprehension questions, the reading rate at which the test was completed is reported as the effective reading rate. If a student does not score at least 80% on the comprehension questions, then the effective reading rate is adjusted based on the comprehension score earned. For example, a student completed the Fluency test at 140 words per minute and scored 60% on the comprehension questions. Universal Screener will estimate the effective reading rate as 84 words per minute (the 140 words per minute of the Fluency multiplied by the 60% score on the comprehension questions). The only time a student should have an effective reading rate of zero is if all the questions given during the Fluency tests were missed.

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