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How to Retrieve a Forgotten MRC Program Manager Password

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2015 01:57PM MST
My Reading Coach (MRC) is a server based program that was launched in 1998 and will have its life cycle ended in 2015. MindPlay has discontinued selling MRC and Technical support for MRC will end December 31, 2015.  You may continue to use the MRC product, but technical support, lost disks, reimaged computers, lost licenses, etc. will no longer be supported.  For information about the new cloud-based version, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC), launched in 2012, is available at www.mindplay.com .  Thank you.

If you have forgotten the Program Manager password for My Reading Coach (MRC), you can use the following steps to get into the program then view and/or change it.

  1. Close any programs that are running.
  2. Press the windows + "R" keys on your keyboard to open the “Run” window:
  3. ​Click on the Browse button.
  4. In the Browse window, locate My Computer (or Computer) in the far left box and then click on it.  In the large box to the right, locate “C:” and double click on it.
  5. Locate the Program Files folder and double click on it.
  6. Locate and double-click on the Mindplay folder. If no Mindplay folder is found, click on the back arrow, and check for a Program Files (x86) folder.  If found, double click on that folder and check for the Mindplay folder there.
  7. Double-click on the MRC folder..
  8. Locate and click once on "My Reading Coach Platinum" (or "My Reading Coach Gold" if using MRC Gold). Now the whole thing should appear in the line in the Run box.
  9. Click in the line and press the http://www.wpclipart.com/computer/keyboard_keys/special_keys/computer_key_End.png key on the keyboard.
  10. Press the Space Bar on the keyboard and then type "/Admin" (without the quotes, the "A" must be a capital letter).
  11. Click on the OK button.
  12. The program will come up and you might get a few messages, just click on OK to any of them.
  13. In the program, go up to Teacher Options and select View Passwords.
  14. Select the “Program_Manager” school.
  15. Select the “Unassigned” class and click on View. That will show you the current Program Manager password.
If you need to change the password:
  1. Go up to Teacher Options and select Learning Options.
  2. If asked to select a class, select the “Program Manager”.
  3. On the list on the left, highlight "_Program Manager_" should be highlighted. Click on the Edit button.
  4. At the bottom of the window that comes up is the box where you can type in what you want for the password.

Mac OS, using MRC Platinum
  1. ​Close any programs that are running.
  2. Insert the My Reading Coach Setup disk.
  3. Double-click on MRC_Plat_Pro icon on the desktop.
  4. Double-click on the Utilities folder.  (You may need to switch to the list view or scroll down to see it.)
  5. Double-click on "Mindplay LAN".
  6. Click on "View Passwords".
  7. Double-click on the "Unassigned" class.  The window that appears will have the Administrator password.

Mac OS, using MRC Gold
  1. Close any programs that are running.
  2. Insert the My Reading Coach Setup CD.
  3. Double-click on MRC_Gold_Setup CD icon on the desktop.
  4. Double-click on the MySQL folder.
  5. Double-click on the Data folder.
  6. 1.    Double-click on the Mindplay application. At the top of the windows that appears is the Administrator password.
    Note: The "Mindplay" application will only work when run from the Setup CD.

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