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Calculating Achievement

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 03:20PM MST
Calculating Achievement:

The baseline adjusts with the date range so that students can all be evaluated against the same time line/time frame. 

When the PA requirement was removed from students 2nd grade +, most baselines are 0% – 4%. This is because RAPS does not skip kids out of curriculum – ONLY the CSA places into FLRT and WMRT places into Vocabulary – no other test allows skipping.

For scoring purposes, each objective is considered an “element” or a “point/score.”

For example: In MVRC a 3rd grader needs to complete 93 objectives: 52 phonics lessons/elements; 35 grammar lessons, achieve 3rd grade comprehension, and achieve 3rd grade for vocabulary. 
The baseline is calculated from this total number (93) compared to where they are started in MVRC. Since students can’t skip Grammar or Phonics lessons based on RAPS data, and can only test to grade 1 in FLRT (highest possible due to FLRT placement – CSA 3rd grade – 2 grades), and maximum of grade level for Vocabulary could be grade 3 – the most a student can get in baseline is 4%: 1 (Comprehension start) + 3 (vocabulary start) divided by 93 (total required): 4/93 = 4%

This is similar to how schools assign instructional curriculum; Example: 3rd grader at start of school – a teacher would never say a student is done with what was expected of the student on the first day of school – no matter how smart the kids is. There is a specific curriculum a 3rd grader must do and that is only completed after they get all of the curriculum that is required of them. They have to go to each day of school and complete the assignments in order to complete 3rd grade. This is how MVRC calculates achievement.

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