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How is Usage Calculated

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 03:20PM MST
How is Usage Calculated?
Thirty minutes on a timer will not guarantee 30 minutes of recorded usage. Only a student's actions in the program "trigger" the time stamp that is recorded. They must complete an action in order for the time to be noted. So for example, if a student is reading a FLRT story for 6 minutes, answers a few or almost all but not ALL, BUT logs out before completing the entire activity - THAT time will NOT be recorded. The activity was not competed so the time will not be recorded. 
Here is an analogy that may help explain MVRC usage time: A teacher may see a student working on an assignment in class BUT the student does NOT turn in their work at the end of class. The teacher will not be able to grade what the students did until the work is handed in...even though she saw the student working! The student has to hand the assignment into the teacher's "desk" to get graded - in MVRC they have to click "NEXT" or "ENTER" to turn that assignment in for time stamping.
In most cases, students must hit the NEXT button or ENTER to "close" a session. It is best to warn students who are in the middle of a story or activity, to finish so they don't have to start over the next day –
So, although a 30 minute timer is a good idea in theory, it will not guarantee 30 minutes of usage to be recorded - some activities take longer to complete than others. If a student spends 3 minutes looking at the screen and doesn't hit NEXT before logging out - those 3 minutes will not be recorded.
Time is calculated from login to log out; however a student must have completed an “answer” or entry (clicked next) for the time to be calculated. If the student is in the middle of an activity or a test activity and does not complete it before exiting – the time will not be recorded (i.e. natural fluency test, expected fluency test must completed through the questions).  Only the time for a completed activity (ENTER, click NEXT) is recorded.
 If a student exits through the browser and not through the program exit button, the time will automatically stop recording after 3 minutes. Only the time for the last completed activity will be calculated.
If a student “walks away“ and does not log out, the student will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes and only the time for the last completed activity will be calculated.

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