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What is Effective Reading Rate

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 09:09AM MST
What is “Estimated Effective Reading Rate”?
A student's independent reading grade level will be the actual grade level that the student can comprehend grade level material and read at the goal silent reading. This is their estimated effective reading rate.
Estimated Effective Reading Rate
If a student met the goal rate and achieved a score of at least 90% on the comprehension questions, the reading rate at which the last test was completed is considered the effective reading rate. If the student does not score at least 90% on the comprehension questions, then the student's effective reading rate is estimated by taking the determined reading rate of the Fluency test and multiplying by the comprehension score for that activity.
For example, a student completed the Expected Fluency test at 140 words per minute and scored 60% on the comprehension questions. Universal Screener will estimate the student's effective reading rate as 84 words per minute (the 140 words per minute of the fluency multiplied by the 60% score on the comprehension questions.) The only time a student should have an effective reading rate of zero is if all questions given were missed during the Fluency test.

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