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Batch Student Management

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 03:20PM MST
The Batch Student Management tool is a new feature that allows you to Add, Delete and Update students’ information in one file.
Using the Batch Student Management, you can promote all the students in a school to their new grade AND move them to their new classes at the same time with just one spreadsheet.  You can also add new students and remove students who have left the school at the same time on the same spreadsheet.
Attach sample spreadsheet. 
Please make sure to save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file and NOT an .XLS file.
Note: names with hyphens or apostrophes will be rejected in the upload. Do not include the hyphen or apostrophe when uploading to MindPlay Manager.

  • Add
  • Update
  • Drop

To Add a student:
Enter the word “Add” into the first column and then fill in all the fields up to the Demographics column.  The Demographics column is optional.
For example, adding John Smith into the Test school in the demo class.

To Update student information:
Enter the word Update into the first column and then the Login name in the Login column.  Then fill in the fields that are being updated.  If a field is not being changed, just leave it blank.
NOTE: The Login filed is a required field and is the one bit of Information that the batch file will not change.
For example, moving John Smith from the above example to a new school and a new class and a new grade. Note: names with hyphens or apostrophes will be rejected in the upload.

To Drop a student:
WARNING: Dropping a student will delete the student’s entire information.  Once deleted, there is no way to recover the information.
Enter the word Drop into the first column and then the Login name, Last Name and First Name into their respective columns. 
For example, dropping John Smith from the above examples:

Multiple Actions:
The Batch Student Management tool can handle multiple actions:
For example:

Uploading the file:
Once the spreadsheet is complete, save it as a .CSV.
Sign into the MindPlay Manager and click on Management Tools.  Scroll down and click on Batch Student Management.

Click on Browse and navigate to the spreadsheet.  Highlight the file and click on Open.  Next, click on Upload.
After a few seconds, you should see the screen change to something like below:
Now if there are any numbers in the Invalid, or Failed, do not panic.  Once you are at this screen, just click on the arrow and then click on Ok in the message box that will pop up.

When the upload is complete, the screen will look like

If there are any numbers in Invalid or Failed, just click on the Log button and it will generate a spreadsheet that will tell you what went wrong.  Just make the corrections on the log file and re-upload just the log file.  Please remember to remove the error explanations, save the file and upload it again.

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