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MindPlay Achievements

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2016 11:14AM MST
MindPlay's achievements, and most video gaming achievements, are a system used to help motivate and reward participants. They are incremental awards (badges and points) for achieving a goal. For each trophy point a student earns, they will earn the same number of Currency points (access may be disabled at District, School, Class, or Student levels).

Achievements are tied to completing a task - the points earned are mainly for bragging rights and motivation. Each task point earned will add a currency point to the Currency Gem at the top of the student's log in page. Here is what student needs to know about MindPlay achievements:
  • The more time on the program,the more achievement/currency points earned, the more badges achieved.
  • The mores lessons mastered the more Achievement badges/currency points earned.
  • The more stories read successfully, the higher the value of the badge achieved, and the more achievement/currency points earned
The goal for students is to earn each badge (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) one at a time. Each badge has "achievement and currency" points tied to it. All MindPlay bronze badges are easier to earn and the diamond badge is the most difficult. The first badge is usually a very low threshold and is intended to immediately reward and motivate a new MVRC student.

The increments between badges are not regular increments - they get more difficult to earn as the badge becomes more valuable i.e. diamond. Once a badge is earned, the next goal is noted.
The levels correspond with Bronze Level 1; Silver Level 2, Gold Level 3, Platinum Level 4, and Diamond Level 5. Note: The achievement above is a Silver Level 2 student, the silver badge is the last one highlighted., Goal is level 3 to be earned at completion of 50 stories.

The first badge earned is meant to come as a welcome surprise (using the program 30 minutes, reading 5 stories, finishing 1 lesson). The first Loyalty (usage) badge is earned at 1 hour, but Diamond is at 100 hours. 
This chart shows the points assigned per target goal.
Achievement Goal Badge Points
  1 hour Bronze 5
  5 hours Silver 10
  30 hours Gold 15
  60 hours Platinum 30
  100 hours Diamond 40
Lessons (Phonics / Grammar)    
  1 Bronze 5
  10 Silver 10
  30 Gold 15
  70 Platinum 30
  124 Diamond 40
Stories (FLRT)      
  1 Bronze 5
  10 Silver 10
  50 Gold 15
  100 Platinum 30
  200 Diamond 40

Reports Access & Achievement Link

Access to the Parent Report and Progress Report can be made by clicking on the "Trophy Cup" or "Currency Gem" icon when available on the screen as a student is working on the Virtual Reading Coach or FLRT™.
Once selected, you will see the "Achievements" page. At the bottom of the page, you will see the links to the reports. Student access to these options may be adjusted using the student, class, or school edits.

Achievements Page

These report links, when clicked, will provide access to:
  • Improvement Report
    • Universal Screener test results
      • Benchmark Testing
      • Progress Monitoring testing
  • Usage report
    • Universale Screener Test usage dates
    • MVRC™ Lesson dates
  • Student Progress Report
    • Lessons assigned - unique lessons plan
  • Parent Report
    • Universal Screener test results
    • MVRC™ Lesson completion

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