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1.9.1 Update Notes

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2015 02:57PM MST
MVRC 1.9.1 Update
Release Date: February 20, 2015
Understanding Dyslexia is now available! (article with details soon to come)
MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC)
  • Added a notification to indicate when caps lock is turned on when entering a password.
  • Students will be able to view a new version of the achievement page. The new achievement page contains links to the Student Improvement, Usage, Progress, Parent, and Error reports. This will access student reports directly from the student screen. (example below)

  • Students will no longer have a puzzle piece removed from them when a lesson is re-assigned after a post test
  • Write activity no longer requires any keyboard spelling
  • Removed certificates and reward screen. MPAC is now only assigned as a remedial and should not have a certificate attached to it since not all students will get MPAC
  • FLRT Only students will now be assigned RAPS360 full benchmark screener & progress monitoring.
  • Increased the delay before words start to fade from the screen. To allow the user more time to prepare themselves before the story begins
  • Student will now be awarded partial points for getting some of questions correct in a story.
  • Student now need to score an 85% in order to pass a story (down from 90%). This will allow certificates to show up more often again.
MindPlay Manager
  • Student Roster Data export now includes the license type and expiration date for each student.
  • Batch Student management now requires that First name, Last name, and login match in order to add, delete, or modify a student.
  • When multiple purchases of the same licenses type is on a single database. They will be combined to show as one. This will help to resolve confusion with splitting allocation for each individual purchase.
  • Added a note when adding a “At Risk” student notifying about the delay in grammar lessons.
  • Student Improvement report will now have an indication of when a student was promoted from one grade level to the next in between RAPS assessment.

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