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Listening Vocabulary Test

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 09:08AM MST
This unique test determines a student's auditory listening vocabulary grade level. The results of this test will isolate a student’s ability to recognize a word rather than their ability to decode the word.  The student hears a computer-generated question describing the meaning of a word and is asked to select the correct word.  The test is adaptive, based on student performance and adjusts the readability of the text to meet the student's reading ability.  The Listening Vocabulary Test is a context-free assessment of a student’s ability to match a printed word with its auditory representation. 

The definition will appear both on screen and be spoken, to eliminate misreading as a factor in the student giving an incorrect answer.  The words tested are drawn from grade-level appropriate lists.

The Listening Vocabulary Test is not dependent on a student’s decoding ability as all text is voiced. Given the nature of the test, especially the oral prompt, this assessment is most likely to result in optimal student performance.

The auditory presentation of the prompt makes the Listening Vocabulary Test a pure measure of vocabulary knowledge.  It is a context free assessment of a student’s ability to match a printed word with its auditory representation.  If the student knows the meaning of the word, the student will choose the correct answer.

This K-12 Listening Vocabulary Test is adaptive based on student performance. Correct answers increase the grade level difficulty of the next word presented, and an incorrect answer decreases the level of the next word presented.  Once the student has selected an answer, the Next button must be selected to continue.  The student will be asked to identify a total of twelve words.  When the student has answered all twelve, Universal Screener will move on to the Phonics test.

Universal Screener will not give any feedback to indicate if the selected answer is correct or not.  It will just move on to the next question. The Listening Vocabulary Test is given to 2nd grade and above during a Full Benchmark.  For Kindergarten and grade 1, it is given if a K student passes Phonics level 2 or a grade 1 student passes Phonics level 4. 
  • Listening Vocabulary Grade Level Goals are listed below
  • Vocabulary Level Goals have been adjusted to represent what is typical of students within the listed grade level range.

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