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1.9.2 Update Notes

Last Updated: May 23, 2016 11:27AM MST

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach – Summer 2015 Enhancements v.1.9.2


  • New Fluency (FLRT) report in Manager (NOTE: Legacy reports soon to be disabled)
  • Export multiple student reports by class, at same time
  • Enhancement to Improvement Reports (class, school, district): new table to show 1st-last test numbers (%)in selected date range and grade level gain
  • Cosmetic update - achievement table to remove PA and MPAC acronym
  • Add improvement report for FLRT only databases
  • Export roster to include the exact type of license assigned (i.e. RAPSOnly – seat; RAPSOnly-student, MVRC –seat; MVRC – student, etc.)
  • Update Teacher Companion and Understanding Dyslexia reports
  • Option to print out Parent Reports in Spanish
  • Improvement Report demotion indication
  • Improvement Report more printer friendly when printed in B&W
  • Ability to export reports with anonymous student names
  • Add exceeds category to the Improvement Report


  • Update story library ( typos, misc. edits)


  • Activity enhancements (Edit, Split, Build, Join, Copy, Match)
  • Split Phonics Lesson 5 to (5- f, h) & (6 - g); Lesson 14 to (14 - th, TH) &, (15 - sh) ; Lesson 15 to (16 - initial blends) &(17-final blends); 22 into (22 - 2 syl with k and compound words) & (23 – 2 syllable words with /k/
  • Update schwa and split lesson


  • Puzzle Pieces no longer removed once earned


  • Reverse order PA and Phonics for kinder student ( instead of getting Phonics first)


Balance the RAPS benchmarks for all
  • BM1 to start when the school year begins
  • BM2 to start at 30% of school
  • BM3 to start at 60% and end at the end of year date
  • Also, a final Full Benchmark assessment to start a month before end of school.
    Example: School Year August 1 to May 31
    BM 1: August 1 to October 31 (first time student logs in during that date range)
    BM 2: November 1 to January31 (first time student logs in during that date range)
    BM 3: February 1 to April 31 (first time student logs in during that date range)
    Final: 4th Full Benchmark: April 31
  • All students to get Expected Fluency regardless of initial Comprehension screening score.
    All students 2nd grade+ will get a fluency assessment on every RAPS assessment.
    Students initial Comprehension Screener (CSA) is given once and based on that score will get assigned Fluency assigned as follows:
  • Change the color of shapes in visual scanning to black 
  • New look and new Speech Pathologist: Sara
  • New Phonics test –
  • use keyboard to spell missing sound/letter


  • Allow hyperlinks in the manager notifications that are sent out
  • New “forgotten password” link for MindPlay Manager login
  • Teacher Companion & Dyslexia to show on license widget – Home page
  • Spanish Parent letter option
  • Updated resource guides/manuals
  • Certificates revised to be black and white printer friendly
  • When student edit page is loaded will now check/show license expiration date
  • Indicate the number of students and license types assigned in Edit School/Class
  • remove words from CSA test
  • Show ( instead of hover) no. of students (%)on the improvement report pie chart
  • Add indication on type of license assigned to a student


  • Always assign the Fluency/Vocabulary with lowest current grade level; if both are the same alternate between the two.
  • Configure the Progress Monitoring schedule at the district level
  • Allow unlicensed student to access the Achievements page
  • Implement a unified styling across all MVRC applications (new logos)
  • At Risk Indicator to cause Fluency (FLRT) to be delayed until end of Phonics Set 2

NEW!!! Achievement Display - Student Rewards

  • Implement the Achievement Leaderboard


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