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Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017 10:14AM MST

MindPlay - Transfer and Promote


Schools often prefer to make student roster changes at the beginning of the new school year when new teachers, new class rosters and new classes and classes are known.

On the next page are suggestions for the transfer and promotion of students using MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach. These are only suggestions. We recommend a district and/or school wide discussion be held to discuss these options.

If a student has not used the program regularly (<80% fidelity) then the information they have learned from MindPlay is most likely not embedded in long term memory. Consequently, for a student who is not started over at the new school year, the program will pick up for where the student left off. This is fine for students who have good fidelity, the information is MORE likely to be in their long-term memory and they will continue to progress quickly; but for those students who have poor memory, the program will keep going from where they were and EVENTULALLY will reassign lessons as needed. This is a slow process and requires students to make repeated errors to trigger reteaching. Reteaching will take place but in most cases, it is better to start the student over. A re-start allows a student to test out of what they do know and will get the lesson(s) assigned in a more appropriate sequence of instruction.

Ultimately it is a classroom teacher's decision based on what they know of the student. Some students may feel "defeated" if they are "forced" to start over; and some students will do fine just continuing. A teacher must make this decision on an individual student basis.

Transfer and Promote 



  • Create a new School called School Year 2016-2017;

  • Enter new classes titled by a single grade: Grade 2 2016-2017Grade 3 2016-2017, etc. 

  • Transfer (not promote) all students into these classes for holding until the beginning of the next year.

  • At the school level, you can and should now remove all licenses at once. This will give an idea of how many licenses will be available.

  • Once all students are transferred out, begin removing all existing classes and teachers from the current site. This will help clean up the site for extra personnel who have left and classes that will be changed.



  • For students NOT returning:

    • Move these students to the “unassigned” class so that their data no longer is aggregated in to the school reports.

    • Export a .csv data report and consider deleting the students after Quarter 1.

  • For returning students:

    • Students with fidelity greater than 80%: Use the Batch csv file to “transfer and promote” into the new class. NOTE: Class many now also be added via the Batch file.

    • Student with fidelity less than 80%: leave in the Unassigned class. NOTE: this recommendation is based on the fact that long term memory has most likely not been affected with this low fidelity. These students may benefit from starting over it the MVRC program as lessons mastered can be tested out of but with those objectives that still need work will be reassigned.

      • Important. If starting a student over *- add a number (or letter) to these student login names, and save – this will preserve previous data.  This number is needed so that the student can re-added with the same login as before once added as a new student.

  • Re-adding former students to start over: Add students via csv import or batch file with new grade level – they do not need to be promoted as they will be starting over as a new student. NOTE: their old login name would have to be edited *or changed as no duplicate login names are allowed.

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